One more day to SCIQUAL seminar!


We are just one day away from Scientific Integrity in Qualitative Research (SCIQUAL) seminar! You will find us at Sweelinckzaal (Drift 21) on 13th and 14th of September. Have a look at the programme:


  • Arrival and registration (10.00-10.15)
  • Welcoming (10.15-10.30)
  • Prof. Martyn Hammersley (The Open University, UK) (10.30-11.00)
  • Dr. Alrik Thiem (University of Geneva, Switzerland) (11.00-11.30)
  • Coffee break (11.30-11.50)
  • Dr. Marit Helene Hem (University of Oslo, Norway) (11.50-12.20)
  • Prof. Gillian Symon (University of London, UK) (12.20-12.50)
  • Lunch break (12.50-14.30)
  • Dr. Hubert Van Puyenbroeck (Free University of Brussels, Belgium) (14.30-15.00)
  • Dr. Lakshmi Balachandran Nair (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) (15.00-15.30)
  • Coffee break (15.30-15.50)
  • Prof. Rens van de Schoot (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) (15.50-16.20)
  • Ms. Bareerah Hoorani (Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland) (16.20-16.50)
  • Seeing Utrecht (if weather permits)
  • Dinner (19.00-21.00)


  • Prof. Bill Lee (University of Sheffield, UK) (10.00-10.30)
  • Dr. Gerben Moerman (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) (10.30-11.00)
  • Coffee break (11.00-11.20)
  • Prof. Giampietro Gobo (University of Milan, Italy) (11.20-11.50)
  • Prof. Michael Gibbert (Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland) (11.50-12.20)
  • Winding up (12.20-12.30)
  • Lunch (12.30-13.30)

For more details of key speeches, have a look at SCIQUAL website:


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