About me

LBNair_PhotobbHello there, This is Lakshmi. Welcome to my personal website! I am an Assistant Professor (Senior) at the Methodology and Statistics Department of Utrecht University, The Netherlands. My work explores the rigor, transparency, and impact of research methods (qualitative, specifically) in management and other social sciences.

My articles on methodological sophistication of research methods have been published or accepted for publication in journals (Journal of Business Research, Qualitative Research in Psychology, Scientometrics, Journal of Management Inquiry, Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research), proceedings (Academy of Management Proceedings) as well as other publications (Sage Research Methods Cases, Sage Business Cases). I have also co-authored a book where I contributed case studies on companies undergoing strategic innovation (Strategic novelty: A definitive guide to outlier strategies, Financial Times Press).

For my work, I have won several awards and honors (Academy of Management Best Paper Award, British Academy of Management Best Full Paper Award, Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy Legate, ISS Emerging Scholar Award, ECRM Teaching Research Methods Excellence Award etc.). On this website, I share more about my research, writing, and other academic activities. You can also find me on linkedin and twitter.