Journal articles

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Self-authored chapters in the book (total number: 10)

  • Biocurious: The curious case of crowd-sourced science, 124-131.
  • Gengo: Winning in translation through crowdsourcing, 140-148.
  • Kaggle: Getting quant brains to play data games, 158-170.
  • Organovo: Leaving 3D bioprints for others to follow, 198-205.
  • Outliers from a theoretical and methodological perspective, 17-30.
  • Robin Hood: The merry adventures of an asset management cooperative, 217-223.
  • Scoopshot: Pulling the scoop on the trendy photo crowdsourcing platform, 69-76.
  • Spire: Launching crowdfunding beyond earth, 189-198.
  • Taskrabbit: Hop online and pull a rabbit out of your service network, 131-140.
  • ZenRobotics: Riveting robots to reduce and recycle, 124-131.

Book chapters (peer reviewed)

Nair L.B. (2022). The power of many: Teaching qualitative management research through peer group reviews. In Innovation in the Teaching of Research Methodology Excellence Awards: An Anthology of Case Histories 2022 (pp. 13-22). United Kingdom: Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-914587-34-4 (PDF), ISBN: 978-1-914587-35-1 (Printed book).

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Nair L.B. (2019). Beyond fiction and science: Using stories, movies, and games to teach qualitative research. In Innovation in the Teaching of Research Methodology Excellence Awards: An Anthology of Case Histories 2019 (pp. 15-26). United Kingdom: Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-912764-26-6.

Case studies (peer reviewed)

Nair L.B. (2022). The good, the bad, and the grey: Qualitative management research and ethical data collection from social media communities, LUISS Teaching Cases. ISBN: 978-88-6105-798-2.

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Conference proceedings

Weiss M., Nair L.B., Gibbert M., & Koepplin H. (2015). What passes as a transparent field study in management?, Academy of Management Proceedings, 2015 (1): 10236. ISSN (print): 0065-0668, ISSN (online): 2151-6561.

Other journal publications

Nair L.B. (2018). (Is there a) middle ground?.  In A. Consterdine, Research Engagement in 55 Words (Flash Fiction): Metamorphosis. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 15 (270). Doi: 10.1080/14780887.2018.1462602.

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Nair L.B. (2017). Conference Report: Scientific Integrity in Qualitative Research (SCIQUAL) Seminar 2017, Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 19 (1): Art. 9.

Other academic publications

Nair L.B. (2018). “Interdisciplinary, like everyone else.” But are you being interdisciplinary for the wrong reasons? LSE Impact Blog, 08 November 2018.

Interviews & press coverage 

(University of Cape Town 2021) How to build the university of the future

(Times Higher Education 2020) Is interdisciplinary research really the best way to tackle global challenges?